Install the HowNow Online Edit App

The HowNow Online Edit App needs to be installed on each PC that will want to edit documents from HowNow Online. You can log in and view documents without the edit app, however without this application you will receive an error if you try to edit a document.

To download the Edit App click on this link.

Click on the Edit App download button and then install the edit app. You will see it running in your system bar. The HowNow Online Edit App will automatically start each time you start your computer. 

For further information visit this Edit App article.

**From version the Edit App will automatically backup a file if it is noticed the document being edited is unlocked but there is a previous version of it in the local editing folder. Browse to the local editing folder to find the backup files if needed - C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\HowNow\Edit\Files\[Doc ID]\backup folders appear after first copy

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