HowNow Online System Requirements


Minimum version
Operating System*Windows 10

Office 2019/365

Browsers^Chrome, Edge, Firefox

* Non Windows environments are not supported. 

** Requires Microsoft Outlook connected to Microsoft Exchange for the HowNow Email Manager.

** Requires local version Office for Add-ins to be functional

** Office 2013 Microsoft Support expired 4/10/18, Office 2016 Microsoft Support expired 13/10/20. Our software is no longer supported on these older versions as updates are no longer tested on platforms that aren't supported by Microsoft.

^ We do not recommend the use of Internet Explorer as not all features are compatible. Chrome is the recommended browser. 

HowNow Online Contacts Sync requires:
  • Xero Practice Manager
  • CCH iFirm Practice Mananger

If you are not using one of these practice management systems HowNow Online will not be able to automatically sync your contacts and you will need to manually enter contacts directly into HowNow Online.

Our recommendation for optimal performance is a business grade internet connection with a minimum speed of 5 Mbps for upload and 5Mbps for download.

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