Document Versions (Beta)

Document Versioning is now available in HowNow Online, and can be setup for your firm by the Business Fitness team.

A Firm can have up to 5 (five) Document Versions, so your firm will need to decide how many versions are required to be kept, before requesting our Support team to setup Document Versioning.

Versions provide the user with a previous Version of the document. As of HowNow version 1.0.570, When a document is opened via the Edit App a new Version is created.

(Previously a version was created when a document was saved.)

To see the Version information of a document, click on the More Actions icon found to the right of the document in the Actions column.

Then click on Versions (Beta) to view the versions available for download.

In the image below, this Firm is setup to keep four (4) versions.

The next time the document is opened for editing, Version number five (5) will be deleted and Version nine (9) will be created.

In the Actions column click on the Download icon to download the document. (Administrators and Document Administrators have access to this function)

Deleting the document, in the documents tab, will delete all versions of the document.

It's important to remember that a Downloaded document is not saved back into HowNow Online. You will need to add it again as if it is a new document. Best practice in this scenario would be to give the document an Edition number.

To setup Versions for your Firm, log a ticket with the Business Fitness Support Team. Once setup, your firm will receive the Version functionality within eight (8) hours of the Support Team making the change.

Once enabled, to use Versions simply open a document via the Edit app.

At this stage Version functionality is limited to the Documents tab.

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