Reporting - Report Masters

Report masters detail the overall outline and order of the report. In this screen, an administrator can create or edit custom firm reports. 'Page Templates' can also be added to the report master. Reportance comes with three standard reports as well as an empty report:

  • Special Purpose Financial Report
  • Accountants Report with Disclaimer
  • Management Report

Adding a report master

Report masters can be added by selecting the Admin Centre from the dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the screen. From here select Report Masters then + New Report.

The following table details the new report fields: 

Master Name
The name of the template which is used as a to identify the template when creating reports.
Required - text
Report Title
Report title which will be displayed in the field {{Title}}.
Required - text
This is the Default Report Master (checkbox)
This will set the report to be the one chosen when generating a report.


(dropdown menu)

Determines the look and feel of the report.
By default, the Business Fitness Style.
Default Reporting Suite
Selects the reporting suite that is used for the reports by default.
Three options:
- Simple
- 2021 GPFR Tier 2
- 2020 SPFR
Default Footer
(dropdown menu)
Selects which footer is used for the reports by default.
Two options:
- Compilation
- Internal Use
Restrict to Entity Type?
When completing this only certain entity types will be able to use this report. More than one entity type can be chosen.

Lists the pages and the order in which they appear (see below).

Once the report fields have been completed click on Add Page.

Add all the pages you require from the dropdown list. Pages can then be reordered by clicking the hamburger icons next to the page numbers and dragging them. To remove a page from a report select the x button located at the right-hand side of the row.

Customising pages

In the pages section, you can update and change the default settings for each of the pages. There are four types of report pages which have different customisations: 

  1. Presentation pages
  2. Financial pages 
  3. Legal pages 
  4. Story Board 

For information on customising the different page types see the knowledge article: Reporting - Pages.

Editing and deleting a report master

To edit a report master, navigate to the report masters area in the Admin Centre. Click on the relevant report to open the edit screen. You will be able to make changes to all the fields which appear under the 'Adding a report master' section. Click on Save and Close to finalise.

To delete a report master, edit the report and click on Delete in the bottom right-hand corner.

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