Migration Guide: Reportance Desktop to Reportance Cirrus

This article documents the process for migrating from Reportance Desktop to Reportance Cirrus.

For changes and new features, check out our What's New in Reportance Cirrus article.

Getting started

Contact Business Fitness support to organise the setup of your Reportance Cirrus account. 

Key information required for this setup includes:

  • Your practice name
  • The initial admin user, including name and email address
  • Your preference for a standalone database (with extra charges) or inclusion in one of our multi-tenant databases

Once your account is setup, you will receive an initial email with details to set up your login for Reportance Cirrus.

Firm setup

Once you have successfully logged in for the first time, navigate to the Admin Centre by clicking on the link underneath your name.

Here, you will want to configure the following:


A 'Main Office' is included by default. Edit this office to include all your details. Add additional offices if required.


You can optionally structure your users into teams, this will help users filter client lists by the teams they are involved in where applicable.


You can now begin adding users, adding them to the above offices and teams as you go.

Report templates

If you have made custom changes to the Reportance report template in Reportance Desktop, we recommend contacting support to discuss how to incorporate those changes into the new reporting engine in Reportance Cirrus.

Workpaper templates

If you have customised workpapers for Reportance, you can continue using them in the Connected Workpapers product. 

To incorporate them into Connected Workpapers, have an administrator log in to the Smart Suite Workpapers website and select Templates from the Admin screen. Under Select Product..., choose 'Connected Workpapers' from the dropdown menu. 

For each template you wish to bring over, click Add Existing TemplateSelect the worksheet you wish to bring into Connected Workpapers and the appropriate section you would like to link it to.

This will ensure your custom workpapers are available both in Connected Workpapers and the workpapers for the desktop version of Reportance.


As a cloud based product, using Reportance is as simple as logging in. However, there are two supporting services that require installation:

1. Reportance Excel add-in

This optional Excel add-in is available from Microsoft AppSource. It provides the functionality required to import data from Excel into Reportance, as well as functions to optimise the format of Excel reports.

To install it directly from Excel, navigate to the Insert tab and select Get Add-ins.

Then search for Reportance and click Add.

Alternatively, you can deploy the add-in for yourself or your entire team (with Microsoft Office 365) on Microsoft AppSource by clicking here.

2. Smart Workpapers

To use the Business Fitness workpapers, you are required to have the Smart Workpapers add-in installed. By default, this is included with the desktop version of Reportance, so your users will likely already have this installed.

If you wish to uninstall Reportance desktop, we recommend installing Smart Workpapers directly for users to retain functionality. Refer to the Smart Workpaper Add-In Installation guide.

Importing Reportance desktop (.rep) files

Reportance files are uploaded into Reportance Cirrus one at a time. This let's you control the data coming in, and each file is given import options that dictate how certain data will be transformed into the new system.

To import a file, create a new client group and then select the + Import (.rep) button.

This will take you to a wizard which documents the import process. This process usually takes less than a minute. We recommend adding files 'as you go', to ensure that the right options in the wizard are selected for the relevant client on a case by case basis.

Note: If you have already created the entity in Reportance Cirrus, make sure that you link the file to that existing entity, as you are unable to have duplicate entities in the system.

Functionality deprecation

We are pleased to announce that Reportance Cirrus implements all or equivalent functionality to our desktop product. 

Our only material loss of function is that of our connection to MYOB AccountRight files stored on a local or network computer. Cloud servers, such as those running Reportance Cirrus, are not able to interact with desktop files in the same way as a desktop program and this feature is unable to be retained.

For those with clients on this system, you can continue to import all relevant information for these files using our Excel import tools, with no loss of functionality compared to the desktop connection.

Roll out

You are ready to start in earnest! We recommend getting your users to read our What's New in Reportance Cirrus article which will guide them through the new changes to Reportance.

Please contact Business Fitness support for options for conducting live training or demo's to assist your staff in the conversion process.

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