Reportance Cirrus is a fully cloud-based product and as such requires no installation. Refer to the System Requirements for compatible browser versions.

For complete functionality, Reportance has two separate installable components which provide additional functionality for workpapers, imports and Excel report formatting.

If you are migrating from the Desktop version of Reportance, we recommend you refer to our Migration Guide: Reportance Desktop to Reportance Cirrus instead of this article.

Smart Workpapers

To use the Business Fitness workpapers, you are required to have the Smart Workpapers add-in installed. Refer to Smart Workpaper Add-In Installation to install this product.

Reportance Add-in

This optional Excel add-in is available from Microsoft AppSource. It provides the functionality required to import data from Excel into Reportance, as well as functions to optimise the format of Excel reports.

Our add-in is available on Microsoft AppSource here:

System administrators can use the above link to deploy the add-in across an entire enterprise, groups or teams in Microsoft Office 365. 

Users can also install the add-in directly from within Excel. Navigate to the Insert tab and click Get Add-ins

Then search for Reportance and click Add

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