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Article Objective: To assist admin users in navigating the Admin Centre within Active Ledger & Reporting to utilise the content editor features when editing a page template, header template or notes.

Context: The report content editor can be used in various templates to create and/or edit additional information. There are a variety of options to allow you to build up fully customised pages and headers at the firm level.

Please refer to the Glossary for definitions of key terms used in this article.     

Accessing the Admin Centre 

Navigate to the Active Platform home page.

Click on your name icon and press Admin Centre.


Click on Ledger & Reporting Admin. 

Click on Page Templates, Header Template or Notes   

Adding content in templates

For this example, we will select Page Templates. 

The below screen will pop up. Select the relevant template you wish to edit or click + New Page Template

Once you have made your selection, the below screen will appear. 


Under the 'Content' section, scroll to 'Content' and hover over the box. A little + will pop up.

Clicking on the + icon brings up a variety of options to build out the content, including adding:

  • Headers
  • Paragraphs
  • Horizontal rules
  • Page breaks
  • Placeholders for account notes, list of directors, table of contents and system content
  • Image
  • Custom and financial tables (see the knowledge article: Creating custom and financial tables for more information)
  • Signatures
  • Spacers

Once inserted all components can be edited, moved or deleted by using the icons to the left.

To customise any component, click on the pencil icon to the left, or on the component itself, which will open the relevant section for editing. The image below shows how a paragraph can be customised. 

Once finished, click Save.

For more information regarding page templates, see the administrator article: Reporting - page templates.

Creating lists

You are able to create lists with varying styles by creating 'Paragraphs' in the content box. There are six styles of list to choose from, as below.       

The first four options also have a choice of suffix style.

A new paragraph needs to be added for each line in the list. This provides great flexibility. You are also able to create multiple lists in the one template. To start subsequent lists, simply tick the Reset Numbering checkbox.

Note: Lists can also be created in header templates in exactly the same manner.

Creating financial tables 

Custom and financial tables can be created within the content box to customise additional data that you may want to display in your reports. For more information on how to add a table, see the knowledge article: Creating custom and financial tables.

Turning off the content editor for report previews

It is possible for an administrator to turn off the content editor for generated reports in the Admin Centre. To do this, click on Global Report Settings in the Reports section of the Admin Centre. 


Then click the Disable Editing in Report Preview checkbox and hit Save and Close.  


If the content editor is turned off, clicking on the the + icon in a report will only show the option to add a page break.

Note: Any changes made in the report preview will not be saved after the window is closed. This is therefore an effective tool to prevent users from making any changes directly in the report preview and instead have users edit the template before generating the report to ensure changes are saved for future use.

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