Connected Workpapers - Excel Add-In

WARNING: To ensure that the Smart Suite Workpapers work correctly, you will need to insure that you have installed the Workpapers Excel Add-in. 

Installing and activating the add-in

To activate the Workpapers ribbon in Excel, first download the latest add-in. For more information and access to the add-in see the knowledge article: Smart Workpaper Add-In Installation.

One the add-in is installed, if it is still not visible you can activate it in Excel by selecting 'Workpapers' by navigating to: File>Options>Customise Ribbon.

Once installed the following ribbon will appear on your toolbar:


Workbook status

This function sets the status of the entire workbook. The status then flows through to the Dashboard on the Smart Workpapers website and can be updated via either the Workpapers ribbon or on the Dashboard. This is a particularly useful function for managers to view the progress on various jobs at once.

For more information on the Smart Suite Workpapers dashboard see the knowledge article: Smart Workpapers Website.


Cell review

The cell review function allows you to set a status for an individual cell. The border colour of the cell will be updated when a status is selected:

  • Green: Reviewed
  • Yellow: Ready for Review
  • Red: Rework 

To add or update the status of a cell, select the cell you wish to set the status for and then select the status from the Cell Review dropdown in the ribbon. 

Workpaper items

The workpaper items function is a way of tracking individual worksheet specific items in the following categories: 

  • Client Query
  • Matter for Manager
  • Matter for Partner
  • Review Point
  • Item Forward

The following buttons assist in the management of these items:
  • Manage All: This button brings up all the workpaper items for the entire workbook. 
  • Add Workpaper Item: This button adds a workpaper item specific to the cell you have selected.
  • View Workpaper Items: This button shows all workpaper items for the current worksheet.

For detailed information on the workpaper items feature see the knowledge article: Connected Workpapers - Workpaper Items.


Refresh Trial Balance

If any changes have been made to the source file, click on the Refresh Trial Balance button in the ribbon to update the Trial Balance to the most recent figures. You are also able to refresh using the blue Refresh Trial Balance button at the top right of the Index sheet. The Index sheet also has a date stamp with the most recent refresh.

Connect file

The Connect File button works in exactly the same way that the blue Connect File button on the Home sheet does. It is used to connect to your client's accounting file.

For more information on connecting your workpaper and client file see the knowledge article: Connecting Client Files to Connected Workpapers.


Connected Workpapers allow two-way referencing between the Index sheet and your Excel worksheets. 

  • A Reconciliation Field is added to a cell in an individual worksheet that allows the Index sheet to reconcile to that field (generally a closing balance or a summed total amount). 
  • A Reference Formula is added to a cell in an individual worksheet and imports the value from the Index sheet into that worksheet. 

For more information on how to add and use reconciliation fields and reference formula see the knowledge article: Connected Workpapers - Referencing and Reconciliation.


Reset workpaper

This button clears all workpaper items and resets the file back to a blank starter file.

Warning: The Reset Workpaper button should only be used by advanced users when creating customised templates. It is to be used immediately prior to the final file save and uploading to the website.

For more information on creating customised starters and templates see the knowledge articles within the Smart Workpaper Customisations folder.


Repair Formulas

This function allows you to repair formulas when you receive an error such as #REF.

Template Edit Mode

Clicking the Template Edit Mode button allows you to use Smart Workpaper features while editing a template (i.e. 'Go_RollUp' or 'Go_TickBox' functions). This mode is for users that are customising starters and templates.

For more information on creating customised starters and templates see the knowledge articles within the Smart Workpaper Customisations folder.

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