Clients are currently only available in Workflow and Reportance, but will also be added to Smart Workpapers over the coming months.

In this area you can have Client Groups and Individual Clients (entities or individuals).

The Fractals (icons) are associated with the Client Group and are a visual representation of that client group - each one is different. The folder icons indicate an individual client.

Creating a Client Group

From the + New Client, select Client Group and enter the following information:

  • Code - optional
  • Name
  • Office
  • Partner
  • Manager - optional

You can restrict access to the client which then only allows users that belong to the same office as the client to have access. 

A Client Group can also be made Inactive.

Creating a Client 

A Client can be standalone or belong to a client group. From the + New Client, select Client and enter the following information:

  • Client Group (or leave blank if not grouping)
  • Entity Type
  • Code - optional
  • Legal Name
  • Trading Name - optional
  • ABN - optional 
  • TFN - optional
  • ACN - this field is only shown if the entity type is Company
  • Contact Details - email, telephone, mobile or fax
  • Address - Residential, Postal, Registered Office, Principal Place of Business - optional
  • Office 
  • Partner
  • Manager - optional

A Client can also be made Inactive.

Filtering, Sorting and Searching for Clients


Using the search bar at the top of the page, type in any part of a client name or code to find the client or client group you are looking for.


Sorting can be by Client Name or Client Code - change the option in the sort box.


The client list can be filtered by Office, Partner, Manager, Entity Type. Inactive clients can be excluded from the list. From each of these filters multiple options can be selected.

Press Reset to clear all the filters.


To access the filters, click on the Filter Icon to display the filter selections.

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