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Types of workpaper items and statuses

The Workpaper Items function is a way of tracking individual worksheet specific items in the following categories: 

  • Client Query
  • Matter for Manager
  • Matter for Partner
  • Review Point
  • Item Forward

Each Item can have a status assigned:

  • Created
  • Ready to Send
  • Sent
  • In Progress
  • Resolved

Adding an item

A workpaper item can be added in multiple ways:

1. Adding using the Workpapers ribbon

From the Workpapers ribbon you are able to select the Add Workpaper Item button, or alternatively you can select Manage All to see a list of your current items before clicking on the Add button.

2. Adding using the Index

From the Index sheet you are able to click directly in the cell of the Items column on the row of the relevant account.

3. Adding using the right-click function

Right click in any cell and select Create Workpaper Item. Adding an item in this way creates an 'Item Link' which is specific to the cell you have chosen. Afterwards you are able to click on the link to bring up the query. This function is useful for the review process, as it specifies the particular cell you are referencing. 


Regardless of the method chosen, a popup window will appear to create the item. Complete the Type, Status, Title and Description and click OK

Note: Only the Title and Description are sent to the client if using the query function. The chat feature is used only to add commentary to an item.

Managing items

You are able to view and manage all workpaper items from one screen by clicking on the Manage All button on the Workpapers ribbon.  

By clicking on the arrow next to the filter icon, items can be filtered by their Type, Status and/or person for whom they are the Attention Of. To select a query for further action, tick the box next to the query. To select multiple queries at once (e.g. all client queries), filter by type and then tick the checkbox next to the Type column header.

The following actions are available:
  • Add: Adds a new workpaper item.
  • Edit: Opens the highlighted item and enables you to edit the item.
  • Delete: Deletes the highlighted item or checked items when more than one is selected.
  • Go To...: Goes to the selected workpaper item.
  • Set Status: Changes the status of the item.
  • Draft Email: Opens your email and copy the selected items into the body of the email ready for sending. The email address is populated from the Home sheet of the workpaper. 
  • Copy to Clipboard: Copies the selected workpaper items to the clipboard for pasting elsewhere. 


Items can also be managed from the Dashboard of the Smart Suite Workpapers website. For more information on the website see the knowledge article: Smart Workpapers Website

The Items column on the Dashboard refers to the number of workpaper items inside the workbook. The blue number indicates how many unresolved items there are, and the grey number indicates resolved items.  

It is possible to edit these items from the dashboard without having to enter the workbook itself. To edit the item select the blue number in the Items column and you will be taken to a screen listing all the items for that workpaper.

Select the relevant item and then click the blue Edit button. This will open the item in a new window where you can make any changes required. To finalise, click the Update button.

You are also able to add or delete workpaper items from the Workpaper Detail screen.

View items requiring attention

The Dashboard also contains an area for you to review any items that have been sent to your attention to resolve. Click on the View Items Requiring Attention button to the right of the search bar and you will be taken to a new screen that lists those items.

From here you can select the item to either view, edit or delete it. 

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