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Workflow Status

This area is accessed from File > Administration > Workflow.

Workflow Status Descriptions are used to describe the status of tasks. The status is used as a search results filter and also appears in reports. Each status description has one of the following types:

  • Completed - the task is complete and no further operations are allowed.
  • Not Started - the task has been created but has not yet started.
  • Started - work on the has started.
  • Wait Client - the work has been halted because of the client.
  • On Hold - the work is suspended.
  • Cancelled - the task is cancelled.

Several descriptions can have the same type. This allows, for example, 'Awaiting reply' and 'Data not supplied' to have the same Wait Client status.

To add or edit a status click on the "New"  or "Edit" button

  • Description - enter a new description or edit the existing one.
  • Type - select the appropriate type from the drop-down list.
  • Click OK to save the status or Cancel to abandon any changes. 

The Order of the Status descriptions can be changed by using drag and drop.

Choose Delete to delete a selected description, provided the status is not in use.

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