HowNow Self-Serve Export

The ‘HowNow Self-Serve Export’ tool allows you to export all your records from HowNow to your selected location. 

Please note: The export process can be run once every 30 days. If you need to perform an additional download within this period, kindly contact support for assistance. 

To access the Self-Serve Export, go to HowNowX Web (,  Administration Area -> Records -> Self-Serve Export.

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Or you can use this direct link

Click ‘Request Export’ and choose your preferred option. The recommended option is ‘Client Code then Location.”

Once the export process is initiated, you will see a progress notification.

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Once the process is completed*, you will receive an email notification with instructions on the next steps

Please Note: This could take a few hours, depending on the volume of the records you are exporting.


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Click on the ‘admin centre’ link from the email received or go to HowNowX Web (, Administration Area -> Records -> Self-Serve Export -> Click Download.

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Follow the download instructions. 



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