Connected Portal - Advanced Adobe Signing

As covered under the Connected Portal, Simple Signing is set-up entirely from within HowNow. However, to set-up signing in various places in the document, you will need to used the advanced signing options within the Portal.

Advanced Signing Options

This option is used when you want to assign the place(s) the Account needs to digitally sign the document with an image throughout the document. Once the document has been uploaded from HowNow, follow the steps below to establish the Advanced Signing.

  • Go to the Admin Portal and sign-in
  • Select the Client and View Documents
  • Select the document, select tasks and Adobe Sign

Once you have selected Adobe Sign, you will be presented with a screen to select the signatories for this document. This can be a single Account signatory or multiple Account signatories as well as signing by a firm representative (Employee). Select the appropriate people, tick the box beside Advanced Signing Options and then click Confirm.

The document will then be opened to enable signatures to be added throughout the document. Click and drag to add a signature box or any other type of information required – you will need to do this for each signer you added in the previous step. On the right, you will see Recipients - select the appropriate recipient and add the signature fields. The main fields used are Signature (from the Signature Fields dropdown) and Date (from the Signer Info Fields dropdown). For a full explanation of all the fields available in the Signing Fields, please see the Adobe Sign Help for Roles and Field types in the authoring window.

Click on Send once you have finished placing all the fields for all signatories.

The signer's will be notified with an email containing a link to the document to enable signing. Once all accounts have signed the document an email containing a link to the document will be emailed to the firm representative (if this was selected) to sign the document.

Outstanding Signatures

Documents which have an outstanding signature required will show Adobe Sign (x/x Signed) with an arrow, which is a link to see who has not signed the document. Click the link to see details of the Accounts and Employees still to sign the document. Hovering over the a name will show the email address at the bottom left of the browser. Clicking on the name will open a new email populated with that Account or Employee email address.

Important Notes

  • The firm representative/s is only eligible to sign the document after the selected account(s) have completed signing the document.
  • Cancelling in the Advanced Adobe Sign Setup dialog box will send a 'removed task' notification to the Account.

Partial Signing

Documents setup for multiple Accounts/Employees to sign will show the current status of Signing in the Task column in the Client's Document grid. Click on the Task to view the outstanding Signatories.

Declined Signing

An Account has the option, through Adobe, to Decline the signing of the document. Should this be the case, the Employee who setup the signing agreement will receive an email notification with a 'reason' if the Account provided one at the time.

The status of the document will show as DECLINED in Clients > View Documents in the Admin Portal.

Documents that have been Declined will show in the Unsigned Document Report and also on the Dashboard highlighted in Red.

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