Reports in HowNow

Search Results

The search results export can be run from any section of HowNow and shows the items showing in the grid.

To run the export, select the documents, records, tasks or contacts required (by using filters or search terms) and Select Excel Export from the tab ribbon, select the folder to save and give the file a name. You will then be prompted to open the exported file.

Other Reports

All other reports in HowNow are available from the File > Reports > Knowledge, Records or Workflow (if the Workflow module is installed) - you may need additional privileges to access some of these reports. To run these reports, choose the appropriate selections on the report dialogue box then press Preview. From the Preview screen, you have the option of saving or printing the report.


Content List

The content list provides information about all content contained in HowNow and can be run for a selected content module.

Content Utilisation

Content utilisation is a very useful way to understand what procedures, workpapers, letters and other templates are being/not being used in your firm.

Content Update Log

The content update log is a listing of all information about a particular content update. The log provides details of the revision notes for updated content.

Expiring Documents

Where an expiry date has been entered against a knowledge document, this report will detail all documents that have expired or are expiring up to a given date.


Mail Register

The mail register report is designed to simplify the handling of incoming and outgoing mail. It lists information for all records that have been assigned a specific status (at some stage) within a specific date range.

Records Utilisation

The records utilisation report shows the count of records created by each employee or team for a specific date range.

Workflow (if the Workflow module is installed)


The activity reports lists time entries for a range of jobs and dates, grouped by job, contact or employee.

Completed Jobs

This report shows a list of completed jobs within a given time period, for a specific type(s) of job and shows all the associated tasks with the days between completion of those tasks.

Job Statistics

This report lists the statistics for jobs within a range of dates. It shows the number of jobs not started, those started and the total number of jobs for the selected period.

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