Workpapers not working when opened from MYOB Document Manager

A recent update to MYOB AE has resulted in all Excel documents being opened in 'administrator mode'. This has the effect of unloading all user level addins, and the HowNow Smart Workpapers addin is a user level addin.

For sites using MYOB Document Manager to store Smart Workpaper documents, we recommend doing a Terminal Server mode install, even if you are not operating from a terminal server, as this allows the addin to operate at a machine level, which will be successfully loaded when MYOB Document Manager launches Excel.

To do so:

1) Uninstall the existing User Level addin by going to Control Panel / Programs and Features / Uninstall a program, selecting HowNow Smart Workpapers and clicking Uninstall. This is important because the user level addin takes preference over the machine level addin and will prevent it running if still installed.

2) Install Reportance again, but at the following screen select 'Terminal Server Installation'

Please note, if other users use this machine, they will need to perform the installation actions as for a terminal server, as noted in the Installation support article. 

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